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Resilience Coaching

Resilience involves being able to withstand and overcome adversity and unpleasant or difficult events successfully, and being able to adapt to change and uncertainty.

While it is acknowledged that there are aspects of our personality that lead to resilience, there is now consensus that it is a dynamic process that can be developed in most of us and is subject to change.

This means that while some people may have more resilient personal characteristics, such as optimism and flexibility, we can all learn and develop the thoughts and behaviours that underpin resilience.

It also means that our levels of resilience may shift in accordance with the challenges we are facing and how we are thinking about and responding to these.

Building resilience is sometimes perceived as simply a way to help people cope better with more pressure. However, as described above, resilience is also about being adaptable and best positioning yourself for the next inevitable challenge or setback.

A model developed by Kathryn McEwan and Dr. Peter Winwood (WWR) breaks resilience down into seven components:

  • Authenticity
  • Purpose
  • Adaptability
  • Self-care
  • Support
  • Energy
  • Networks

As an accredited resilience coach, I can support you to identify the areas that you are stronger in and the areas that you can choose to develop, to improve your overall resilience and your capacity to deal with the enormity of the challenges you are facing.

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