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Funeral Celebrant

As a humanist funeral celebrant, I aim to deliver an authentic ceremony of substance, to honour the life of an individual. I believe that the service, whether referred to as a funeral, a memorial or a tribute, if conducted with grace, empathy and compassion, can assist the grieving process of the loved ones and other mourners.

If you are requesting a safe, legal, respectful and non-religious ceremony, I can assist you to prepare and deliver a family or friends led ceremony, or if requested prepare and deliver a celebrant led service.

Some people now choose to arrange a living wake, whereby the person whose life is being celebrated is alive and present. This can be a formal ceremony, a more relaxed party with off-the-cuff speeches or a combination of both. In fact, it can be pretty much what you want it to be. After death there may be a less formal service of committal at the grave site, or scattering or inurnment of cremated remains (cremains), or nothing at all.

If there is to be a funeral service after death, it can be formal or informal, have the deceased present in a coffin or the cremains in an urn, or neither. There may have been a small private service for immediate family and close friends, and then a memorial or tribute days, weeks or months later. Some people now choose home funerals which although family or community led may still involve an independent celebrant to be involved.

If the deceased or their loved ones were religious, it may be more appropriate for the service to be officiated by a minister of religion and follow an appropriate form aligned with their faith. Secular or humanist led services that are not tied to the traditions, rituals, or beliefs of any religion may still include hymns and/or religious readings if requested, but are more likely to include non-religious music and poems or readings instead of hymns and prayers.

Whatever form it takes, the ceremony will require planning and coordination. If you choose me to officiate, I will do so as an independent celebrant and not on behalf of a funeral provider. I may be contacted by you or a funeral provider, but I do not work for any funeral providers, and would work with you directly to deliver the ceremony you request whilst liaising with any funeral provider, venue staff, audio-visual specialists and so on.

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